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step treadMini Busrouter

New Dual Sim 3G/4G/ WIFI Router

roof hatch

New Escape/Roof Hatch

New Door Activated Mechanical Step

New Door Activated Mechanical Step


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As a leading supplier to Commercial Vehicle Body Builders, Stedall is constantly striving to deliver new and innovative products to the market place.  Working in partnership with you our customers, we are always open to new ideas, working methods and changing legislation.  To meet these needs we have a world wide resource, and are adapt at producing design and manufacturing solutions at affordable prices.
Look above in PRODUCTS or LIVE SEARCH for a range of solutions to meet your application.  Find the latest additions to our main-line catalogue in NEW and for the latest new transitional products and industry news look in NEWS.
If you can’t find your specific solution, help is only a phone call or email away.
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Automatic Fire Suppression System

 Reaction Auto Extinguisher  Combined automatic fire detection and fire suppression systems are mainly used in engine bays. These systems utilise specialised red trace tubing which can operate in very high temperatures. E.G. in an engine bay containing a turbocharged engine without risk. If excess

Rear Step designed specifically for home delivery vehicles

A unique and robust step designed to be mounted to the rear of the vehicle that is ideally suited to the home delivery market. This step design is based upon the tried and tested principal of the very popular Stem 6138 Semi Automatic step. This version however has a treadplate width of 1800mm. A ped

Electric Truck… what next

Just what would a Tesla electric freight truck look like? It's a question that many in the auto industry have been asking after the latest visionary bulletin (Master Plan, Part Deux) from Tesla founder and talisman Elon Musk. Tesla CEO Elon Musk wrote in his Master Plan, Part Deux, that future elect