Automatic Fire Suppression System

 Reaction Auto Extinguisher 

Fire Suppression System

Combined automatic fire detection and fire suppression systems are mainly used in engine bays. These systems utilise specialised red trace tubing which can operate in very high temperatures. E.G. in an engine bay containing a turbocharged engine without risk. If excess heat or fire is detected then the tube will rupture, accurately and rapidly suppress the flames.

The canisters contain Water based- AFFF Foam (3%) which works in two specific ways. Firstly, they provide rapid cooling and oxygen depletion. This cooling effect and reduction in the oxygen level available to maintain a fire is further amplified when the product is used in a confined space such as an engine bay or locker space. Secondly, all AFFF’s contain fluorinated surfactants which form a heat resistant film on the surface of hydrocarbon liquid fuels. This process works more efficiently on liquid pools of fuels because they are two dimensional, three dimensional fires such as may occur in engine bays are much more complex to extinguish and rely more upon the primary effect. The action of the secondary effect is far more important in terms of reducing the risk of the fire reoccurring following the initial extinguishment or ‘knock down’


There are two types of extinguisher available, both of which can be mounted in either a horizontal or vertical position.

1000FF with integral cylinder mounted gauge

1000FF-PS with integral cylinder mounted gauge and an additional sensor which gives the driver inside the cab a visual warning if the pressure moves outside the norm


Contents: AFFF Foam- Water based

CE marked cylinder

Red tube fire discharge point 140c

Operational Pressure 5-20 Bar

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