Make Ready Lock – with unique visual state indicator

Make Ready Lock

Flag Lever Latch – Make Ready Lock – Part No. 3215B

The unique Stedall Make Ready Lock saves people time and money. It is a compression latch that has been designed to include a feature that indicates very clearly whether or not it has been operated at all since it was last reset.

So how does a “Make Ready Lock” work?

When the lock is initially set, it will automatically show a bright Green indicator on the face of the latch. As soon as somebody opens the lock, the Green indicator becomes bright Red. The latch face will continue to show a Red indicator until the lock is reset with a special key.

The lock shares the same body profile as our standard 3215 and 3225 so will fit directly into the same cut out making it a very simple and quick retro-fit

A Tamper proof design ensures that the flag / indicator cannot be reset unless the specially designed key is used.

A Green reset key is supplied with each lock.
Locking and Non-Locking versions are available.

One handed operation to reset flag / indicator and close the lock when using the reset key.

Locking Version Part Number 3225B

Product: Non Locking Comp

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