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New Door Activated Mechanical Step


The new step automatically deploys and retracts as the side door opens and closes. It's main benefit being that you can operate the step from inside or outside the vehicle without the need for electrical power – there is no motor.

Part No. 6143





Specifically Designed for Vehicle Applications
High-powered 32bit CPU
Supports under & over-voltage
Over-current, short circuit and surge protection.
Operating Voltage: DC 9~36V
Operating Temperature(-35~+75oC)
Ideal for Smart Mobiles, Pads and Laptops

Ideal for Smart Mobiles, Pads and Laptops

Fully automatic Dual Sim
3G/4G/ WIFI Router

Part No. F39

R107 Compliant Emergency Escape Hatch


Stedall has developed a new glass top escape hatch, specifically designed to meet the 06 series of amendments to Regulation No. 107 (M2 and M3 vehicles) which comes into effect as of June 2018. – Escape hatches shall have an aperture with a minimum area of 450,000 mm2. Our new escape hatch is fully compliant with current legislation and will pass any inspection. You can fit it now!

r107 roofhatch
Large Flat Zonelight

Large Flat LED Zonelight

Low profile, high power LED Flat Zone Light. 12/24 Volt Long life LED's (30,000 hours.)
High quality manufacture with ABS body, aluminium heatsink and PMMA lens, all waterproof to IP67.

USB And DIN Sockets

366 Series

Part No. 366-2aPart No. 366-3

Part No. 366-2

Part No. 366-2a

Part No. 366-3

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