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Make Ready Lock – with unique visual state indicator

Flag Lever Latch - Make Ready Lock - Part No. 3215B The unique Stedall Make Ready Lock saves people time and money. It is a compression latch that has been designed to include a feature that indicates very clearly whether or not it has been operated at all since it was last reset. So how does a “

New BSI Certificate

Stedall is absolutely delighted to advise that we have today received our Certificate of Registration from BSI which states that Stedall Vehicle Fittings Ltd holds certificate number RS 23184 and operates a Quality Management System which complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 for the follo

Automatic Fire Suppression System

 Reaction Auto Extinguisher  Combined automatic fire detection and fire suppression systems are mainly used in engine bays. These systems utilise specialised red trace tubing which can operate in very high temperatures. E.G. in an engine bay containing a turbocharged engine without risk. If excess

Rear Step designed specifically for home delivery vehicles

A unique and robust step designed to be mounted to the rear of the vehicle that is ideally suited to the home delivery market. This step design is based upon the tried and tested principal of the very popular Stem 6138 Semi Automatic step. This version however has a treadplate width of 1800mm. A ped

Electric Truck… what next

Just what would a Tesla electric freight truck look like? It's a question that many in the auto industry have been asking after the latest visionary bulletin (Master Plan, Part Deux) from Tesla founder and talisman Elon Musk. Tesla CEO Elon Musk wrote in his Master Plan, Part Deux, that future elect

Door Activated Steps, Vehicle access made easy…

The less you need to modify the door the better it will be.  This is why the new Stem Door Activated Step makes vehicle access easy.  Fit the step using one of the many fitting kits available. Then mount the step activator to the door and you are ready to go. It’s as easy as that. Stem Door

LED lighting… move over.

LEDs are already standard for car lighting. The next technological development is on the starting blocks though with OLED (organic LED). The major advantage of OLEDs: The technology offers completely new options for the design of light and luminaires. LEDs are point light sources, whereas OLEDs are

Dual Sim Passenger WiFi here now…

In todays fast moving society where social media is the new buzz word and 24/7 access is a way of life, routing that data stream to all manor of smart devices is an essential requirement of a modern passenger vehicle.  You only need to look around when you are out and about to see that the smar

The complexity of vehicle doors

The door is one of the most complex systems on a vehicle. It must look good, incorporate crash stability and, above all, be fit for the purpose, typically opening and closing more than 50,000 times during the vehicle's life. It also hides a myriad of functional componentry such as the window lift me

EuroBus 2016

Having had an exciting year in 2016 with a number of new products tried and tested, Stedall took the opportunity of EuroBus 2016 to launch three major products on its newly designed stand which brought into sharp focus customer needs across communication, access and safety.  Customers were able to

It’s all about access….

First it was electric windows closely followed by roofs hatches and air conditioning, all starting life as extras but now commonly expected by the customer. Automatic access is rapidly becoming the new expected fit that your customers will be including on their features list. (more…)

Adding value…

One of our great products that will add value to any vehicle build is our new series of Side Action Steps.  Available in manual and electric power assisted form they are available in widths of 600mm, 800mm and 1100mm. Fixing kits are available for a straight forward installation making them a mus

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