Why use a Mindray AED? Mindrays are used extensively in Hospitals and by the UK M.O.D
Smarter AED can show you what to do step by step using Intelligent ResQNaviTM

Based on a large number of user behavior and psychological research results, ResQNaviTM
technology can evaluate the proficiency level of rescuers, and provide targeted intelligent
rescue navigation for different rescuers throughout the whole resuscitation process.

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Technical Notes

Intuitive Design
– Open the lid to power on
– Up to 3 languages to select
– Simple switching between adult-child mode
– Pre-connected adult/child pads
Reliable & Durable Quality
– Surface 1.5m drop test
– IP55 water-/dust-proof
– Meets the standards for helicopter and other transport
Equipped with high quality consumables.
The durable batteries and pads have a life cycle up to 5 years, which
results in lower total cost of ownership
Faster and Powerful Shock
QShockTM-Faster Time to 1st Shock
It only takes less than 8 seconds to deliver the first shock.
360BTe-High Energy for Better Outcome
BeneHeart C series features 360J biphasic technology with auto-compensation according to patient impedance, which increases the
chance to save difficult-to-defibrillate patients.

The AED is supplied with a polycarbonate mounting cradle and includes a switch that can be connected to a buzzer to alert the driver
that the AED has been removed from its normal mounting position. The strap has an 80KG breaking strain.