Reverse Alarm

Multi Function

Connection to the hazard lamps will enable an automatic mute function

The alarm can be connected to any ultrasonic detection system (Reverse sensor) meaning that the alarm is only operational when in close proximity to an obstacle

In addition this alarm can also be connected to other ancillary lamps, and as such provides an audio and visual warning


Technical Notes

Two built in Warning Messages 90db Spoken Warning “Reversing” 90db Spoken Warning “Left Turn”

Half Decibel Night Shift Function 45db Spoken Warning Reversing 45db Spoken Warning “Left Turn”

Double engage reverse within 2 seconds for Night silent mode

This function can also be controlled by the side lights and headlights.

Output: 90db

Max Current Consumption 0.2A

Max Output Current 1A

Operating Temp -30 +80c

IP Rating IP69K

Approval: E11 -10R05-10781