Rear Step designed specifically for home delivery vehicles

Home Delivery Vehicle Rear StepA unique and robust step designed to be mounted to the rear of the vehicle that is ideally suited to the home delivery market. This step design is based upon the tried and tested principal of the very popular Stem 6138 Semi Automatic step. This version however has a treadplate width of 1800mm. A pedal to the right is pressed to deploy the step, utilising a gas strut which gives a smooth action. The pedal on the left is used to stow the step which means that the operator is not required to touch the unit with his hands. (An important factor when handling foodstuffs)

The design also enables the step to fully retract underneath the vehicle which greatly reduces the possibilty of damage whilst reversing.

Features High Strength and Visibility Plastic edge protection Self colour anti-slip aluminium treadplate Bright zinc plated frame Optional warning switch 6138s available

Home Delivery Vehicle Rear Step6144 rear step